21 October 2011


I admit I am not a watcher of television.  The nightly news and sometimes "7.30" (and, yes, the odd bit of football....)(EDIT - and "Grumpy Old Men" had a certain appeal, I wonder why?) are quite enough for me, and if I miss these, that's definitely no great loss .  However, even though my exposure to what I still think of as Channel 2 is limited, I haven't been able to avoid their promotion of "Crownies".   So, it occurred to me, perhaps I really am missing out on a part of life that I need to know about, especially given the legal theme.
Hence, I watched one episode.  It may be unfair to judge a program on such a small sample as there may be on-going themes.  But without going into detail, nothing I saw convinced me that my "low TV" diet needs to be changed!  

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