24 October 2011

Vanilla Omelette

What's Vanilla Omelette, do you say?    Well may you ask.   It's actually a local Thai Restaurant.   It was previously White Elephant (which does sound more like a Thai name!).  There was a fire upstairs a while back and the restaurant was badly damaged by water.  It took a while for the new fit out to occur, but the result really is quite stylish.
We went there with the daughters and their husband/partner  and another couple and had a good night.  The great thing about Thai food is that, as well as tasting good,  it looks good!
It was actually a belated family catch-up for Sue's birthday.  What have we come to when the family birthday gathering is more than a week after the actual day?

(PS - photos aren't mine, they're just to illustrate!)

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