02 October 2011

Dog owners vs cat owners

Tilly [EDIT] is getting bigger.    Nearly 4 months old, and weighs over 11 kg (on her way to about 25 kg, we're told).
We accompanied her on a trip to the park.  The fraternity of dog-owners is very interesting.   They come up to you and introduce themselves and their dogs without a second thought, and everyone readily exchanges information about their respective dogs.    We have, of course, been life long cat owners.  Like cats, when we go the park we watch others from a respectful distance!
EDIT - since posting the above, a comment has been made that I might be interested in getting a dog.  Let me be clear - Tilly is fine, and she can come for visits BUT when it's time for her to go home, that's what she has to do.   I couldn't handle another cat full time and definitely not a dog!

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