12 January 2012

Agapanthus (2)


You see them at holiday
houses, blue agapanthus,
standing by gateways,
reflecting summer skies.

One is struck by their sturdy
independence. Expecting no
pruning, fertiliser or
fussy programs of gardeners

they quietly do all that
is required, surviving dogs,
boys, salt, wind and January sun
– almost bluer for our neglect.

Showing no weakness, they
provide no soil for our caring.
This is why there are no
societies of agapanthus lovers.

                        William Rush
 (Reproduced with the very kind permission of the poet.  Much more eloquent than my blog on the subject a little while back).


  1. Delightful poem!
    With my new wifi dongle I searched for a Society, but only found an Anti-agapanthus Society on Facebook. Sad. Should we start a support group to balance it?

  2. I think my preference would be to join the Anti-agapanthus Society!