21 January 2012

Water consumption

With an expensive desalination plant coming on stream in the near future, perhaps the authorities have a vested interest in winding back their previous campaigns to save water.   But I wonder if consumption is going to be increased to any significant extent by the efforts Yarra Valley Water is currently undertaking to persuade us to drink tap water instead of bottled water?    With our recent water account was a reminder that a litre of bottled water is 1,490 times the cost of tap water and the same as 6000 glasses from the tap!
Well, perhaps I'm being unfair!   I guess there really is a useful purpose served by getting us to question our apparent addiction to bottled water.


  1. Yarra valley water may have ulterior motives in encouraging people to drink tap water but Melbourne has the best water in the world so it is nonsensical and unnecessarily expensive to buy water. Not only that, but it tastes better than the bottled stuff and you're unlikely to get sick from it because it's well filtered. If you're a person who doesn't like the thought of drinking chlorine or fluoride you can buy a filter.
    Bottled water is appropriate for places where the water is contaminated or hard to come by or you really want the extra minerals.
    I endorse this ghost written comment.

  2. I suspect that Yarra Valley Water's statement that a litre of bottled water costs the same as 6000 glasses from the tap is based on water usage charges only and ignores the service charge component of the water bill.

    With my most recent water bill, water usage costs were only 7% of the total bill