16 January 2012

Computer literacy and handwriting

There was a very interesting piece in Saturday's Australian  (by Christopher Bantick) under the heading "The writing's on the wall for pen and paper".   In it, the statement was made that handwriting will eventually die out as a form of communication.   Reference was made to reports that more than 40 US states have adopted the Core Curriculum Standards, which don't require the mandatory teaching of long-hand.  Rather, it is left up to schools to teach handwriting if they wish.  It is stated that, central to these standards, is an emphasis on keyboarding skills.
Yes, by all means, ensure that our children are keyboard-literate, but my mind boggles at the thought that we don't need to teach handwriting.   I'm yet to be convinced that we're anywhere near the day when that won't be necessary.


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  2. Yes, least to sign your name with an electronic stylus for the parcel delivery man