30 January 2012

Getting to Sydney

The drive from Canberra to our accommodation in Sydney was relatively painless.  I've hardly driven  around Sydney in recent years, and the M5 (the south-western link) was a new experience.   It certainly made for a hassle-free trip from the Cambelltown area into the city, and we then carefully followed the signs and got to Chatswood without incident - somewhat to our surprise and certainly to our relief! 
Of course this meant using the harbour tunnel, rather than the bridge, as we weren't in a mood to experiment in an endeavour to take a more scenic route! 
Our trip was early on a Sunday evening, when the traffic was manageable.   I don't like to think how these roads cope at busy times, given their limited capacity (only 2 lanes in many places).
Our e-tag beeped a number of times, so I will study the account with interest when it arrives to see how much this journey cost me!

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