01 February 2012

Busy Day

We had a most enjoyable lunch with Geoff and Mira at the Bathers' Pavilion at Balmoral, followed by coffee at Manly.    We really liked Bathers' Pavilion - it has a great location on the foreshore, with views down the harbour and across to North Head.  The service and food were good, too.

It was also nice to re-visit Manly, with its distinct charm.  I'm glad Geoff was driving because finding the parking stations at Manly is not a task for the faint-hearted.    And returning in the afternoon traffic across Spit Bridge (which at that time of day is only one lane for south-bound traffic) is in a similar category.
We then headed off the The Rocks for a little exploration and dinner, followed by a walk across the Bridge.   As it happened we were right in the middle at 9 pm when a fireworks display from Fort Denison occurred.  I'm not sure if this is a regular thing or whether it was in connection with some event.  However, it capped off a good day.

The Rocks

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  1. I liked your picture of the Ocean beach at Manly. Manly Public was my first school. I was enrolled shortly after the barbed wire and concrete anti- tank barriers were removed, and most of the buses were being repainted from camouflage mottled khaki to London red. Around that time I caught my first bream in the north lagoon at the end of beach.