29 February 2012

Prahran Mission

The Mission Cafe
We delivered a number of items to the Prahran Mission op shop, and took the opportunity to have lunch at The Mission Cafe.  This is the cafe fronting Chapel St, competing with all that Chapel St offers - and to our mind, doing it pretty well.
After lunch, we were pleased to see that some of our items were already on the shelves for sale - no, we didn't re-purchase anything!
There's an alternative to the cafe, known as Hartley's Community Dining Room.  It's down the corridor, but is open to all although it especially caters for the Mission's clients, with prices to match.  It was a toss-up, but this time we opted for the Cafe.
Hartley's Dining Room
Both these outlets provide training and work for people engaged in the Mission's programs, although they are just the tip of the iceberg, as we saw when we took a tour early last year.  Another program is an art workshop (I've heard that there will be an exhibition in a few weeks time, at Ewing Memorial UC).

 I should also mention that the Uniting Churches in Stonnington came together on 19 February to participate in a Commencement Service to commemorate the work of the four Uniting Church agencies (including Prahran Mission) that operate in Stonnington.  This was the first time that such a service had been held, but judging by its success in so many ways, hopefully it will be repeated in future years.

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