28 February 2012

Lillirie Garden

Lillirie Garden isn't far away, so when there was an Open Day there, we took the opportunity.  This is an older style garden, and so has a number of well-established trees, including an oak and a coral tree, both of which I liked.   However, the drought took its toll, and there are a number of newer plantings which seem to be doing well.   
The owner admits that she prefers to over-plant rather than to have any bare earth showing. A great number of different types of plants are represented, with many different foliages, including camellias, hibiscus, magnolias and others.
At the back, there's a big old loquat.   There's a pool in this area as well as room for children to play.   Vegetables are mainly limited to pots by the pool - but most of these seem to thrive in their sunny position and (we were told) daily watering.
On the side of the house, past a row of aspidistras, is a private courtyard, with a wisteria overhead.
I think one feature of this garden that I liked was the way in which the different spaces had been used:   the rather formal front area, the utilitarian back area and the secluded courtyard on one side the side of the house.

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