04 February 2012

Jones Winery

On our way home, we diverted via Rutherglen.  We had a really nice lunch at Jones Winery - this is a smaller winery, and is apparently still in the family.  I'm almost certain that this is the winery I remember visiting some decades ago, when a group of us discussed the wines with the winemaker over a wooden counter at the back of a winery building that seemed to have started life as a cowshed.  The descriptions in the dining area of the various family members over the years  - and the dairy connection - seemed entirely consistent with my recollection.
The "country" style is still maintained, but the food was good.     We also enjoyed the 2009 shiraz!
In the interests of time, we didn't check out any other wineries, but instead had a coffee in town followed by a browse through the very well-organised and stocked second-hand bookshop.

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