13 February 2012

Sisterhood of St John the Eleimon

We went to the picnic day at the Sisterhood of St John, at a pleasant rural locale near Bullengarook.
Just where the Sisters fit into the Orthodox hierarchy, and their history, are rather complex matters (and I'm not sure that I know all the details), so I won't go into them here.  Suffice to say that the Sisters are great supporters of charities, and they derive their extensive support mainly from the Greek and Serbian communities.   Even though the weather was wet on the day we attended, I estimated that over 300 people were there, all of whom were sheltered from the weather and provided with great quantities of food!
I took a lot of photos - but this was the day that the memory card in my camera packed up.   So, it looks as though we'll have to go to a future picnic (there are about 4 a year, I understand).  

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