23 February 2012

A motorhome?

I have often said that a motorhome is not for us.    In spite of this, when I saw a book called "Explore Australia by Caravan and Motorhome" on the library shelf, I couldn't resist borrowing it.  I guess it's always useful to know how others live.
Some of the suggested routes were quite interesting, for example Melbourne to Rockhampton (via Dubbo, Goondiwindi and Miles) - useful, I suppose if you're heading north and don't want to go through the cities.  And Melbourne to Karumba (via Jerilderie, Barcaldine and Cloncurry) - not sure if anyone would travel this route in its entirety, but it is a way of describing a number of interesting sectors.

Other useful information contained in the book is a list of dog-friendly parks and numerous travel tips such as "If you have just arrived [in Tasmania], you may find that the mobile phone coverage throughout Tasmania is poor and in many places non-existent....".  Amongst other information, over 160 "public dump points" are marked on the maps (along with detail such as "rear of toilet block" and "at Gold Coast Sewerage Plant").  It's interesting that this feature is obscured by the library bar-code on the cover of the library copy.  But in any event, this is definitely in the TMI ("too much information") category so far as I am concerned! 

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