07 April 2012

The Bellarine Railway

I guess one of the down-sides of travelling on "off-peak" days - as we mature citizens tend to do - is that not all of the attractions are open.   So, the Bellarine Railway wasn't operating during the time we were at Point Lonsdale.    This railway is now operated by an enthusiast society and runs excursions between Queenscliff and Drysdale.

It's now 3'6" gauge, although it was originally constructed (in 1879) as a normal Victorian Railways line with a gauge of 5'3". It was converted when the society took over.
Even though little was happening,  we went past the station and took a couple of pictures. However, the steam locos weren't on show.

When I young, I can remember seeing the Sunday excursion train arrive at Queenscliff.  This train originated in Ballarat, with Melbourne passengers having to travel by connecting train and change at Geelong.  In the 60s, this was last remaining passenger service on the line.   I probably took a photo of this at the time, but if I still have it, I don't know where it is.

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