21 April 2012


Lift call panel
The building in which I work has what is supposed to be a more modern lift system.   You tell the computer which floor you're going to before you get in the lift, and it then directs you the lift that will convey you to that floor in supposedly the most "efficient" manner. 

It's quite straight-forward, but first-time visitors sometimes take a few moments before they "get" it.

The system means that you seem to have a slightly longer wait for a lift than might usually be expected, but at the outset it was noticeable that, when the lift arrived, there was a minimum of stops (so the journey itself was quicker).  More recently, however, some sort of adjustment appears to have been made, because it's noticeable that the lift journeys definitely stop at more floors than was initially the case.   One wonders if the system now operates so as to keep the number of lift movements to a minimum, resulting in little or no timing advantage over the traditional system? Perhaps, however, we can be consoled by the fact that this may be resulting in energy savings?  

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