10 April 2012

The "Nanny State"?

We were having dinner with some friends, when we heard what sounded like firecrackers.  Next morning, on the front lawn there was  evidence that this had indeed been the case - see image.

I have happy memories of "cracker night" when young.  We were living in a new part of the city, with unmade roads and vacant blocks of land.   It was traditional for the whole street to build a bonfire on one of the vacant blocks and to get together at dusk to light it and let off fireworks.

At the time, it all seemed harmless enough and a very small part of me says that perhaps the banning of fireworks is a symptom of the "nanny state" culture.  But on balance, I do accept that fireworks just had to go (along with school cadets carrying their .303 rifles on the train to school!)   So, although I do have concerns about the "nanny state", I'll reserve my comments for developments that really do amount to an intrusion by the state into areas where the individual ought to accept responsibility.

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