08 April 2012

Chest pains

I woke up in the night with intermittent but recurring spasms in the upper left breast.    I got up, walked around, came back to bed, but they continued.   Not exceptionally painful, but annoying, and recurring.   And nowhere near any part of my body where I would expect indigestion.
After nearly 2 hours, I came to the view that this might not be a very serious matter, but it had to be investigated, and better that this should occur while the matter was still recurring.  So off to Cabrini emergency at 5.30 am.    They were excellent (as they had been when I had my appendix episode a few years back), and by 8 am I had been seen by the cardiologist who wanted to make quite sure that nothing was amiss.  Hence, off to the Cardiac Care Unit for observation.

Happily, after a day of being wired up and a couple of blood samples later, all the tests came back negative, and I was home by 7 pm.   I still don't know the cause, but I remain convinced that it wasn't indigestion (although I would have preferred it if this word hadn't appeared on the records!)   But at least I can stop worrying about my heart.

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