04 April 2012

Cafe Bedda

Guided by T and W, we ventured to Northcote a little while back, in search of Café Bedda.   It's Sicilian, and although I'm not really qualified to pass judgement on this, it certainly seemed authentic with its checkerboard floor and wooden tables.   The food and wine were good, too.
On their website, they set out a number of facts about themselves.  They’re definitely “up front”!  For example, they tell you that "The restaurant can be a little loud on the busy nights… Exactly like a Sicilian home would sound like during dinner".
High Street, Northcote isn't the most car-friendly place in Melbourne, so we trammed it.  This was very successful.  Although the trams only run every 15 minutes in the evening, with a little pre-planning everything went very satisfactorily.

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