01 March 2012

Better Homes & Gardens

A couple of free tickets to this exhibition came our way, so we thought we'd go along to see if we were missing out on anything.

In short, our conclusion was, no, there was nothing at this exhibition that we needed to add to our lives!
Perhaps I was expecting more nurseries to be represented with a range of plants.  A couple of nurseries did have stalls, but the range of plants was not great (although there were, in addition, a number of stalls with seedlings and the like). 

There were several stages, including one with a cooking demonstration and another in the "garden and pets" area.  In the latter, the presenter seemed to be engaged in a monologue about his life!  However, given that I watch little TV, perhaps he was well-known to the audience who therefore might have been interested in the information.

Other stalls had a variety of "homemaker" items, such as gutter protection, artificial grass, BBQs, power tools and the like.   There were also craft stalls, various food stalls (including a stall with a range of vinegars)  and a wine tasting.    So yes, there was indeed a range of exhibits, but overall we thought it was a bit "ordinary".  Perhaps the fact that it was a hot day contributed to our feeling.  However, it was nice to see the Exhibition Building being used.

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