09 June 2012

Ada Ciganlija

Restaurants in the former wharf area
Branislav very kindly gave us a tour of some of the places of interest around Belgrade.  We saw the most impressive redevelopment of the river wharf area and the old buildings in the vicinity of the bus station that have been given what we call "heritage protection", meaning that the facades are protected.  It is planned that they will be developed as upmarket housing.  He told us that the bus and railway station sites are also ear-marked for redevelopment.  We were driven around the embassy district,with its very impressive embassies and associated residences, along with the residences of some of the rich and (in)famous locals (no photos allowed!)

Facades to be preserved

Ice cream time on Ada Ciganlija

Ada Ciganlija
But we also stopped for a really relaxing break on Ada Ciganlija island - well, it was an island, but now it's linked by causeway to the mainland.  This is a large complex in the Sava river, with extensive artificial beaches, a golf course, barbeque facilities, bike riding paths, a rugby stadium and numerous other facilities.   We had a very pleasant drink at one of the many restaurants, and Mihailo who was with us enjoyed some quality play time.

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