11 June 2012

Chilling out in Vrnjačka Banja

Belimarkovic "Castle"
Well, Djokovic didn't win the French Open, but apart from that, it's been a good day so far.    People have been relaxing in Vrnjačka Banja since Roman times (in fact, the Celtic Scordiscs had settled this area before the Roman conquest), and we did the same.

Coffee and pancakes in a terrace cafe

We took a walk through the parklands to the Belimarkovic Castle, which was built as the summer residence of the King's regent in the late 1880s.   These days, it's a museum with a number of different collections, including materials from both pre-historic and Roman times, a display of tourist materials from various periods in Vrnjačka Banja's history (especially from the Tito era), an impressive display of stuffed eagles and similar birds, a display of modern sculpture as well other items.    After that, we relaxed over coffee and pancakes in a terrace cafe, before retreating to the TV to watch Djokovic double-fault on championship point.

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  1. The Romans were very keen on their spas. Have you been taking the waters?