13 June 2012

A day in Kraljevo

We had a very good day in Kraljevo on Tuesday.  This is a very pleasant town, about 40 minutes by bus from Vrnjačka Banja .   We refreshed ourselves with coffee and palacinke in one of the floating restaurants after our bus trip, noted very impressive main "square" (which is round) with its big statue and visited the Church of Holy Trinity.  But the highlights were Master-Vasa's Lodging (see earlier post) and the National Museum.

We were provided with a guide at the Museum.  I normally prefer to self-guide, but on this occasion it really added to the experience.     The Museum concentrates on matters relevant to the Kraljevo area.   It has a number of truly excellent displays on the many events that have occurred here over the centuries.  This included aspects of great interest to Sue, in relation to which it can be said that the Museum (like the fresco) acknowledges a slightly more rounded view of history than perhaps would have been the case in an earlier era.

A special area of research at the Museum is the Nazi massacre of 1941, when 100 civilians were shot in retaliation for every German death, and 50 for every injury.   The result is a very moving display.

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