17 June 2012

St Sava Temple

Well, the concept of this enormous Church was put forward in 1895, 300 years after the burning of Saint Sava's remains by the Turks, but there have been a number of interruptions since then, including a few wars and the Tito era.     Construction commenced in 1935 and recommenced in earnest in 1985 and the exterior was finished in 2003. However the interior is still not complete, although  some shrines have now been established which means that it is one of the world's largest Orthodox Churches (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_largest_Orthodox_cathedrals).   
It's a basilica or temple, as it's not the seat of a bishop (required for a cathedral).

We went past on Saturday to pay our respects and to check progress, before having a light lunch at a restaurant in the Vračar area, in a pleasant courtyard covered by a 150+ year old plane tree (I'm still trying to track down some more details of the restaurant).


Restaurant in Vračar

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