12 June 2012

Wellness at Vrnjačka Banja

A recent part of Merkur?
So, here we are at a spa resort - what about the mineral springs?
It seems to me that the main spring here in town forms part of the Merkur hotel "wellness" complex (see http://www.vrnjcispa.com/menu/3841/wellness--peloid--aqua--fitness/)  
We see from the map that there are also springs some distance out of town, but I wonder if they're also linked to "wellness" centres?    I guess it would probably be probably be possible to pay for particular sessions (we haven't enquired),  but my impression is that the hotels tend to cater for multi-day packages, including half or even full board plus a range of spa-type sessions.    Certainly, the Merkur's accommodation seemed very well occupied when walked past it last evening.    The main business of the cafes seems to be selling drinks rather than meals which to my mind tends to support the theory that many people take a meals package with their accommodation.
A less flattering view than on the web!
  The patronage seems very largely to be local, and in fact based on my limited reading on the web, I wonder if many such packages are supported by health funds/employers.

Some of the Merkur's facilities look quite modern, but at least one of the buildings clearly dates from an earlier era!

Yesterday we spent a little more time walking around Vrnjačka Banja.   We found the Church which dates from the 19th century, but has been rebuilt a couple of times (I guess functionality has to prevail over history sometimes).   We also found the Japanese Garden - quite attractive.  


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