18 June 2012

Farewell to Belgrade and final reflections

We arrived in Serbia just over 3 weeks ago.    We've been based in Belgrade, but have had good side trips to Bosnia (Banja Luka/Sarajevo/Mostar), Vrnjacka Banja and Kraljevo.   A real highpoint has been our two visits to the Barajevo monastery.   We've been shown great hospitality (especially by Rada, with whom we've been staying), and we've benefited from an exchange rate which has worked in our favour.
We've had warm weather most of the time that we've been here.  The past few days have been well into 30s.   However, on most evenings there's a breeze which is nice.

There's always somewhere to have a drink, and I've noticed one or 2 Maccas.   I'm pleased to report I've seen no sign of Starbucks.  Many cafes have cappuccino on the menu, but what you receive varies.   It's better to consult the menu and - if available - ask for a Nescafe or "expresso with milk".   These are often better than what passes for cappuccino, and sometimes cheaper, too.
New tram (Spanish)

With Sue's language skills (and ability to read cyrillic),  we haven't really tested the ability to survive on English alone.   My assessment is that it would be possible, although a little preparation (such as writing down your destination!) would be in order.    We have encountered many people with excellent English who are very willing to use it, and almost everyone can understand a little but (understandably) are not always confident speaking it.   Restaurant menus (especially in areas where visitors are likely to be) are often available in English.    However, when travelling, it would be helpful to know the cyrillic version of your destination - although signs are usually in latin, there are exceptions!  With a little research, the trams, trolley buses and buses are easy to use in order to get around the city (although regular tram services can be altered at weekends, presumably to allow for upgrading work).

Modern trolley buses

Older tram

The time has now come to move on.  We're off to Istanbul today (Monday) for a few days, and from there will fly home at the end of the week.

For  dinner on our last night, we went to nearby restaurant Lipov Lad.   This was very good indeed, in fact, as good as any meal that we've had here.  Apparently we're not the only ones who like this restaurant, because Vuk Jeremic (well known politician) was at the next table.

I think I'll have internet access in Istanbul, but if this doesn't eventuate, then I guess there will be no blogging for a few days!

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  1. Have a great time in Istanbul! Looking forward to your return