03 March 2012

Chapel St

Pay on one side, free on the othe
I used to visit Chapel St quite regularly.   In fact, this goes back to when I was at school, as in those days I occasionally studied in the Prahran Library.   But I guess it's been a few years since I could claim to be a regular visitor - how time flies!   The traffic congestion gets worse and the parking restrictions become more complex, so our visits there are less frequent these days.  However, after we went to the Prahran Mission recently I took the opportunity to re-visit the area.
Of course, the appeal of Chapel St is that there is a diverse range of  shops, and this hasn't changed, at least in the Prahran and Windsor sections of the street.    Even the Court Jester hotel is still there - but the signage has certainly been updated since we were last ate there (years ago)!  
The Town Hall continues to stand above the other buildings in the area (at least for now, but high rise buildings are getting closer), and it looks nicely maintained, too (thinks - your rates at work!)    If you look up, you can see that many of the old buildings are still intact - although what's behind the upper level facades, I don't know.

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