07 March 2012

Excitement in William St

I was walking down William St, trying to avoid the usual assortment of people and news cameras outside the Magistrates Court, when the noise of a firetruck intruded.  My reaction was along the lines of "there they go again".   However, a few paces further on, and, oh, isn't that smoke?     Indeed it was - quite a lot of smoke from the upper floors of a building currently undergoing renovations and extensions.    In fact, when the opportunity arose to look down on the site, even some flames were visible - but they weren't big (and were very hard to capture in a photo).

It didn't take long for there to be a number of fire trucks on the scene, but (to my disappointment!) no sign of a big extension ladder!    Within a few minutes, things had quietened down, although the trams didn't start running until some time later.  So far as I can tell, most of the firefighters and evacuated building workers observed the scene from street level, so it seems that the fire must have been extinguished by a small crew who probably approached it from within.

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