16 March 2012

Stained glass

We often take familiar things for granted.  At the Armadale Uniting Church, there are 21 stained glass memorial windows (some of which were transferred from the previous Denbigh Rd church).   There is no doubt a little piece of history behind every one of them.
One of windows is inscribed "I am the Good Shepherd - In memory of John Glass Cramond.  For many years an Elder and Session Clerk of this Church".
I came across a booklet giving the story of John Glass Cramond, by Mildred Owen, who was a grand-daughter.   John Glass Cramond was born in 1831 and migrated from Scotland in 1852.  He lived in Warrnambool from 1855 to 1884, where he married Frances Hearder (originally from Devonshire).  He co-founded the store of Cramond and Dickson, which was operated by the Dickson family until 1974.   On moving to Melbourne, he was very involved with the Armadale Presbyterian Church, and remained closely connected until his death in 1910.   The family home was a large house in Orrong Rd and there were 14 children (although 2 died in infancy), so there are probably many families today who can trace their lineage back to John Glass Cramond (but I am not aware of any who are still connected with the Armadale Church).
The window was originally in the Denbigh Rd Church, and was presented by Mr & Mrs John Tallent in 1928. 
There is a memorial to John Glass Cramond and his wife in the Warrnambool cemetery.   
The booklet gives only a glimpse into the story of one family, but it makes you realise just how much history there is all about us, much of which will never be recorded. 

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