05 March 2012

Wedding anniversary

We had a significant wedding anniversary, although not one of the "landmark" ones.    A few days later we took ourselves to Remy to celebrate.   The service was very good and we indulged in a varied range of interesting tapas plus (in my case) a penne dish.    It's amazing how the tapas slip down - you don't realise how much food you're eating, especially when we washed it down with a bottle of Penfolds 389 (the "poor man's Grange").  The restaurant offered to decant it for us, but we declined on the basis that we might not drink the whole bottle.   A forlorn hope - there was none at all to bring home!

Actually, we have a confession to make about the 389.    This was given to us by someone some time back - but we can't remember who.  So, if you're reading this, please let me know, so that I can reassure you that it was much appreciated on what we would like to think was a worthy occasion.

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