13 March 2012


It's been a few years since we've been to Moomba, but as it was a lovely warm afternoon, we went for a wander at the weekend to see if things were still the same.   Yes, there have been some changes:  the number of activities (and the amount of parkland occupied) has increased, there is a side-show alley and the rides have become even more extreme.   However, all this seems to be appreciated - there were large crowds of people present.

We liked the fire brigade's stand, which allowed children to "hold" a fire hose and the belly dancer performing on the stage at Fed Square (this was the Enosi United Festival - perhaps not strictly part of Moomba?)

The traditional water skiing was in progress, but unless you're really an enthusiast, it's hard to concentrate because there's only one skier at a time so the action is intermittent.

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