08 March 2012


Nick's wine merchants offers an interesting range of wines, all described in their glossy newsletters in glowing terms.  Sometimes one is almost tempted to buy the wine on the description alone!   So we were a little disappointed when Nick's closed their Armadale outlet and consolidated operations at their Doncaster headquarters.    The shop they previously occupied remains just an empty shell.
But, do they really Armadale shoppers  to venture to Doncaster?  I suppose that their GPS would enable them to find it, but seriously....???

All has not been lost, however, because Nick's returned on a wet Saturday to provide a wine tasting in a nearby restaurant.   We went along, as did quite a few other people, some of who appeared to be there just for the freebie!   Notwithstanding the over-the-top descriptions in the newsletter, we decided that we couldn't bring ourselves to order a dozen of anything on offer (a dozen being the minimum quantity to qualify for free delivery). 


  1. Probably no longer in Armadale as a result of the wine shop shown in your recent Chapel Street post.

  2. Yes, Woolies (aka Dan's) does have a store quite close by......