23 June 2012

In Transit in Paris

Getting from Istanbul to Melbourne via Paris isn't quite logical, but it's the price we paid for having a stop-over in Paris on the way over.   And at the time we booked, it was the best fare available, and a pretty good one at that.    Subsequently I saw a nearly-as-good fare that would have offered a better route, but especially with air fares, you have to have a "no regrets" policy, and we made our decision based on what was available at the time, taking into account past trends.   So, here we are, with a 2 hour transit in Paris.
Experience has given me a vague idea of the layout of Charles de Gaulle airport (a strange place), but there are always new surprises in store.   Sometimes long distance flights seem to depart from one terminal, sometimes from another.  I don't get it.  Tonight's flight is from terminal 2E - along with 7 other long distance flights, all departing within a few minutes of each other.   The lounge is full, the catering is pretty average, yet at other times (when at this airport) we've ended up at a large lounge in a different terminal with better catering!  And Germany at the time of posting has a 4-1 lead over Greece in the Euro cup football to the general dissatisfaction of most of those around us.   At least the flight is said to be on time and the internet access is working well.
PS - There are a couple of posts on Istanbul yet to come.

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  1. Terminals are allocated by airline and may be affected by code share. An airline may use more than one terminal, depending on aircraft type, balancing traffic between terminals and French je ne sais quoi