27 November 2011


We once went to a retro diner in Altoona, Pennsylvania, that had the look and feel of the 50s about it.    I think this is it:
One of these days I'll go into more detail about Altoona, where the main workshops of the Pennsylvania Railway were located during the heyday of rail in the US.
But the reason for mentioning this was that I was reminded of this diner when went with friends to Amici Trattoria in Camberwell this week.     This was our first ever visit, even though Amici appears to have been here since the 80s, and little seems to have changed since then in terms of either the décor or the menu (including the offering of cassata for desert).   However judging by the number of people who were there, Amici appears to have a secure position in the market catering to those who like things the way they were.  While the Melbourne-Italian-80s style of cooking could hardly be described as adventurous, the serves were generous and the service was helpful.

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  1. The inhabitants of Camberwell have to venture to Hawthorn East for modern Italian cooking.