20 November 2011

Pure South

We had an enjoyable dinner at Pure South.   I hadn't been there previously.  In fact, I didn't know of its existence, but I have now learned that this restaurant focuses on Tasmanian foods and wines.     I certainly liked my oysters (with a saffron dressing - an interesting combination) and Huon salmon. Others in the group were also mostly happy with their choices, except that the pork dish apparently wasn't quite the same standard as the rest.    The chocolate delices we shared for desert were very rich, but I really enjoyed my share (of course)!
Presentation of all the dishes was very elaborate, almost "fussy" in some instances.  Sure, this looks good, but I wonder whether the time spent in the kitchen attending to this aspect would be better devoted to other tasks.
The wine list is very extensive, with lots of Tasmanian wines including nearly a page of pinot noirs (to be expected, I suppose).
The catch, of course, is that dining at Southbank is never cheap, and although the prices here weren't what I would regard as "over-the-top" (given the location and standards) in that all the mains other than the steaks were less that $40,  it does kinda get to you when you have to pay three times retail price for a bottle of acceptable but not brilliant wine.  But that's the way of the world, no doubt.
I didn't take any photos, but here's one I found (although we were inside).

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