15 November 2011

The Dandenongs

I don't know how many years it is since we spent any time in the Dandenongs.   I can recall lunches at The Cuckoo a long time ago.    And more recently, we've been a few times to both the Kurunga nursery in York Road and the Elmswood Estate winery at Seville (amongst other Yarra Valley wineries), but I'm not sure that these excursions are really in the category of "visiting the Dandenongs"!
Anyway, we had a spare Saturday, so we headed off.   A walk in Sherbrooke Forest, a surprisingly satisfactory lunch at the cafe at Grants picnic ground, a wander through the Cloudehill Nursery followed by coffee on their deck and a browse through the shops at Olinda - a full day.   And we came home with the realisation that there were so many more things that remain to be done.   Perhaps our next visit won't have to wait so long.

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