05 November 2011

A local auction

I suppose we all like to know what's going on in the neighbourhood, so perhaps that explains why I often attend auctions in nearby streets.    It's not because we're planning on selling, or even that we need to know the value of the kids' inheritance.
Be that as it may, the auction on the other side of the park today did have a point of interest.  The name of the vendor (clearly stated in the materials available for inspection) was Tracey Grimshaw.   According to the auctioneer, she's off interstate (Sydney?).    I'm not a follower of A Current Affair, so probably others know far more about her than I do.    She may even have been present, but because I didn't google her until after I returned, I wasn't in a position to recognise her!
Anyway, a nice house and very well presented (aren't they all?).  It was passed in, but there was interest, so I expect to see a "sold" sign soon  (EDIT - the sign did in fact soon appear).

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