19 November 2011

Innovative drains

I have great respect for the engineers of our world.  Over the years, I've worked with a few, but it was never a career possibility for me because the mathematical pre-requisites were too demanding.
For example, we owe it to engineers that our drains flow.  Until something goes wrong, this isn't really a subject that most of us think much about.    A few years ago, someone on the local council apparently took it on themselves to develop some innovative drainage arrangements not far from where we live.  I think the idea was to slow the flow of water into the stormwater system (which can become stressed in this area), so as to spread the load over time.   At the time these works were undertaken, I was sceptical about them.  However, as will be seen from the images below, the system has stood the test of time and still functions quite effectively.   

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  1. Since I read this post, I have become more conscious of these rain gardens being used by Councils around Melbourne.