13 November 2011

"Foody" restaurants

We recently had a nice evening at Maris.    Maris is a bit of a "foodies" restaurant, and (generally) gets good reviews.  In fact, a few years back, it was one of "the" places, but the novelty wears off (although we think the standards are just as high as ever).   One year, the Good Food Guide referred to its "gastronomic dexterity" and said that Maris "takes its more straight laced Malvern clientele by the hand and gives them a ride on its brightly coloured culinary carousel".   Well,  I'm not sure about the colours on the night we were there, but one of our friends with us ordered the wagyu beef.  He doesn't come from Malvern, but I hope he doesn't mind if I say that he likes his beef "cooked".  Unfortunately, "well done" often isn't in the vocabulary of chefs at this type of restaurant, and even after sending the meal back, it wasn't cooked right through.  We put the experience down as a mis-match!   But for the record,  I ordered the suckling pig, which was really good, and Sue was very happy with her duck.    And the deserts were terrific. 

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