04 November 2011

Grit in the eyes

A few weeks back, I was giving the creeper a much-needed trim.  The creeper has grown a lot in the past, so there's some catching-up to be done.  The council doesn't want it put in the "green" bin (presumably, they don't want the creeper sprouting when they recycle the green stuff).  So it has to go in the regular bin, one bin-full each week.   Since there's a lot of creeper, and the amount I can fit in the bin each week is fairly limited, this has become a regular weekly task.
Anyway, on this occasion, I got an eye-full of dust (more in one eye than the other).  I brushed it out of my eyes, but for a while, there was some irritation (although it diminished over time).    Since it was about time for an eye check-up, I made an appointment to see the ophthalmologist, but the first available appointment involved a few weeks' wait.   But when I did get to see him, he took one look into my eye and I got a lecture: "Wear eye protection" (several times over). "You used to wear glasses, but I've given you new lenses, so you no longer have the protection that your glasses used to provide".   It seems that, even though the irritation had almost gone with the passage of time, both eyes were still showing obvious signs of the problem.
Lesson taken to heart:  don't take your eyes for granted.

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