03 November 2011


I have no head for heights!     Planes are OK, even helicopters and tall buildings, but if there's only thin air between me and the ground, such as bridges, ladders, roofs.... no way.  We were back at the Fairfield Boathouse earlier this week, which has a great atmosphere.  The food's fine, too, although the service had a bit of a "sleepy hollow" approach - rather in character with the atmosphere, really.    However, I was encouraged to venture over the footbridge.  It wasn't easy, but fortunately, even though the bridge seems to be getting on in years, it didn't collapse while I was on it.  Even the cyclists, who technically are supposed to walk their bikes across, slowed right down to pass and gave us a couple of "thank yous", too.    Once across the bridge, we walked along a bush path until it met the Boulevard at the entrance to Royal Talbot.  As I've said before, this is a remarkable piece of Melbourne, so close to the city but it feels a hundred miles away.   There is so much bird life that their calls almost drown out the freeway noise in the background!

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