22 December 2011

Christmas stamps

I save the stamps we receive on letters, and pass them on to "Sammy Stamp" (who use the proceeds from their sale for worthy causes).    In the process, I've noticed that several of the Christmas cards we've received this year have stamps from previous years.    One had a 2009 stamp (with an additional 5 cents) - 
Several have a stamp from last year, including this one - 
And of course many have had one of this year's stamps.  There are several, but they include these -
 Clearly people save their unused stamps to use the following, which displays commendable organisational ability!


  1. I'm not a substantial stamp consumer, but do I correctly discern from your samples that Australia Post designers may be the almost last redoubt of public celebrators of Christmas, as distinct from the "festive season"? I have read that there are objections to public (ie local government) trees in USA on separation of religion grounds.

  2. It seems that Australia Post tries to keep everyone happy! This year there were 5 different Christmas stamps of various values. Two had a religious theme and three were "festive".