21 December 2011

Is it worth trying to beat the fare increase?

Public transport fares are increasing on 1 January.    I generally use a Myki with "Myki money" on it but with this, you're charged at the fare at the time of travel.  So the increased fares will apply from 1 January.   However, I could beat the price rise by stockpiling Metcards.  This would involve buying a number of 10 x 2 hour cards at the current rate, and using them after the increase takes effect.  Of course there are practical limitations on this, the main one being, is it really worth investing a lot of money up-front and running the risk of mis-placing the Metcards?    Also, we're being told that at some stage next year they’ll be phased out (but I think you would have to have a big stockpile of cards before this was a practial issue).  Decision yet to be made........

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