10 December 2011

Reflections on the Tasmanian Deep South

Thoughts for Friday 9 December - Sitting in the lounge room at the B&B with a glass of wine and listening to a shower of rain on the metal roof, things seem pretty good. There's platypus in the stream at the bottom of the garden. Only catch? No internet! I sometimes get 1 bar reception on my Telstra mobile (but not even that further south), but the Vodafone wireless modem obviously doesn't get a thing. One of the cafes in town has a sign stating that it's an internet cafe, but on enquiry, no guarantees existed that it would work and besides you had to have your dinner there and pay $5. We passed on that one.
I wanted to go to the Ida Bay railway, but of course the day we're here is the one day in the week when it doesn't operate. So we went to the Hastings Caves instead, which were really good. The guide was very informative and the caves were excellent.
I tossed up about driving to Cockle Creek which is as far south as you can drive in Australia, but the additional 20 kms there on a gravel road (& 20 kms back) seemed a lot to go through for a fleeting photo opportunity. So we went looking for a cappuccino at Southport. Ummmm, lovely beach, boat ramp and a phone box, but definitely no coffee shops. Apparently the only option is the 60s style pub/general store/holiday park/petrol pump (most southerly in Australia) a couple of kms inland. Again, we passed, and retreated to the aforesaid glass of wine and creature comforts of the B&B.
Dinner was at a restaurant in nearly Franklin (called “Petty Sessions”, in a former court house). Again, we were impressed by the standard of the offering. 

Beach at Southport

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