23 December 2011

Trip Advisor usage

Over the past couple of years, I've posted a number of reviews of hotels (and some restaurants) on Trip Advisor.    TA recently sent me an email of encouragement, and in it they mentioned some readership figures - over 11,000 in total.   They also set out the countries in which readers were located.   The breakdown was as follows:
Your readers
41% of your readers are in United States
27% of your readers are in Australia
17% of your readers are in Israel
15% of your readers are in other countries

The property that attracted most readers (over 1000) was a hotel in Bangkok.  Presumably the longer that the review has been available to be read will mean that more people read it (although as a review ages, it moves further back on the site as later reviews are posted).  The Bangkok review was posted last June.  While this isn't recent, it's not a long time ago, either.  Perhaps surprisingly, the second most read was a review of the RACV Noosa resort (even though the review was only posted in August this year).   However, I haven't been to the USA since I've started posting on TA,  so none of the reviews relate to anything in the USA


  1. You are too modest gxh. Not only are your reviews widely read but they also receive many helpful votes from readers. I notice that you're very sparing when it comes to handing out "Excellent" ratings in your reviews.

  2. Just received a similar email from TA. The breakdown of my readers on TA are 47% US,24% Spain, 8% Australia & 21% Other.