19 December 2011

Hawley House wetlands

As previously mentioned we stayed dor 2 nights at Hawley House while in Tasmania (see http://www.hawleyhouse.com.au/index.html)  .  Much could be written about this property, but of particular interest is the wetlands that have been created there.  On the website, it's stated that the gardens have been literally scraped from the bedrock, but they now include some impressive wetlands with associated vegetation (said to have a National Heritage classification).   Wandering through parts of this, with only the noisy croaking of frogs at all times of the day, you could imagine yourself to be miles from the rest of the world.   
Other parts of the gardens have a range of exotic plants from cool temperate through to sub-tropical plants.   There is also a 20 acre vineyards and a 350 acre wildlife reserve.
Within walking distance are large fairy penguin and muttonbird rookeries, although we didn't get to these.

Looking out to sea
Hawley Beach (not part of the wetlands, obviously!)

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