12 December 2011

Penguin Market and Ghost Rock winery

Sunday 11 December - After a leisurely breakfast we set out for Penguin, in search of the Sunday market. Although Penguin is over 50 kms away, we made good time because, once we hit the main highway, it was dual carriageway the whole way with a 110 kph speed limit for the most part. The market was quite good, complete with a country and western band in the market square. The music seemed to be in line with the locals' taste.
Penguin certainly trades on its name – see the image below.
We were on our way back to our accommodation (via the coastal route to Ulverstone, which runs literally next to the sea) by mid-afternoon, so had time to stop in at the nearby Ghost Rock winery. We sat on the deck and enjoyed a glass of the local wine overlooking the vines with Bass Strait in the distance.
Dinner was less formal than the previous night, at the local golf club. However, it was perfectly adequate.
We're the only guests at Hawley House tonight, and chanced on the operators on our return. Hawley House is larger than a B&B, but when you're the only guests, B&B etiquette prevails. This involves reporting on what one has had done during the day and providing feedback on the recommendations that have been provided to you in the morning (in our case, the visit to Penguin Market).

View from Ghost Rock winery

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