23 May 2012

..and so to Paris

22 May, pm:   We were sent to the Air France lounge at Singapore, which is provided by a third party operator, and is definitely nothing special.    We had some difficulty in finding it, because when we asked for directions on a couple of occasions, we were told to take the escalator behind "Saba" (well, that's what we heard).   We didn't find a furniture store, but finally worked out that we were being sent behind Starbucks.
The flight to Paris was fine.    We went with Air France because their fare was a good one at the time we booked, but the old rule applies:  you only get what you pay for.   Absolutely no complaints, but Air France business class seats aren't quite up to the standard of Qantas.   But nevertheless they more than met our needs!   
We arrived in Paris a few minutes ahead of schedule, at 6 am - at the same time as a number of other long-distance flights.    It took a while for our bags to turn up, so it was nearly 7.15 am by the time we were in the pre-arranged car.  This was just in time to hit the morning peak hour traffic coming in, and so we had plenty of time to study the congestion on the motorways!    However, all the arrangements worked well and we were in our apartment a little after 8.30 am.
Hotel de Ville
We're very happy with the apartment.  Yes, it's small, but it's in a terrific location and is  comprehensively equipped.  Our metro station is Hotel de Ville,  the BHV department store is a short block away, yet it's quiet (thanks to double glazing) and there are only 1 1/2 flights of stairs to negotiate (something that can be an issue in Paris, I understand).  Ironically, directions to get here from Rue de Rivoli would be to go up the street behind "Saba" (in other words, there's a Starbucks on the corner).

Coffee break!
Our main occupation today has been to explore the immediate neighbourhood, and obtain some provisions to keep us going.   Our agenda also included a pavement coffee while gazing on Notre Dame.   We're already beginning to feel quite at home!    However, we'll have an early night so as to get our bodies back in sync with local time so as really to be "in tune" with it all!

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