26 May 2012

Dinner at restoran Zavicaj

St Sava
We had dinner last night at one of the Serbian restaurants in Rue du Simplon (in the 18th).    We were warmly welcomed at the Zavicaj - the proprietor has a close relative who lives in Camberwell!   We had a choice from quite a comprehensive range of traditional dishes.  Sue's vegeta-free chicken was good, and the cherry pita was delicious.  But we were reminded that Serbian cooking is often characterised by added MSG, which calls for careful discussion regarding any menu!

Also in the street are 3 other Serbian eating venues, although these were all a little more casual.  There's also a church (St Sava), and a Serbian delicatessen.   The latter has down-sized since we were last there.   The prominent corner site that it previously occupied is now an "artisan boullangerie".  Such is gentrification!

Our attempts earlier in the day to tour the Opéra Garnier were frustrated again.  This time it was closed, apparently because it was rented out (for a rehearsal for a forthcomng wedding, we think!).    So we trudged up the steps to Sacré Coeur.  I think they've increased the number of steps since we last did this!    The warm weather (in contrast to Melbourne's, we note) was also a factor.    I can't see there being any "next time", but if this did come about, the funicular would beckon, in spite of the queue and even though it doesn't cover the whole distance.

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