29 May 2012

Madera restaurant

We took ourselves by tram down Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra to St Marks (next to the Tasmajdan Park) and then had lunch at nearby Restoran Madera.

Sue had been there previously, and remembered that it was good.  In fact, this time we agreed that it was really great, in terms of the food, the ambiance and the service.   In fact, it's possibly re-calibrated my standards for restaurants!

 It's in a historic location (at one stage, the area was designated as the place for the vending of dynamite!), and you can dine either inside or outside under the umbrellas and trees (as we did).  Also dining were what seemed to be a cross-section of Belgrade business people (a number of black BMWs etc were in the carpark).  My gnocchi was terrific and Sue loved her duck with madeira sauce served with grilled vegetables.  We shouldn't have had deserts but we did.   What's more we each had one instead of sharing.  Sue had a rich chocolate cake and I had cherry pita.  The service was impeccable, and the prices, although probably at the "top end" for Belgrade (but modest by international standards), were in line with those in the tourist precincts.

Chess players in Kalemegdan

Sava River from Kalemegdan.  New bridge in distance and rain approaching.

After lingering over lunch we continued on downtown, including Trg Republike, the Knez Mihailova pedestrian mall and a brief walk around Kalemegdan before the onset of showers forced us to find the number 5 tram and return to base!

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