05 May 2012

Queen's College

I attended the Queen's Inn (law) Dinner at Queen's.    With the advent of the "Melbourne Model", law is now a post-graduate course (the JD), and a couple of years back, Queen's was grappling with the challenges involved in meeting the needs of law students in this new era.
However, judging by the dinner, it is indeed succeeding.  I understand that there were more than 110 people at the dinner, including a number of students in residence undertaking the JD course as well as one or two still completing the undergraduate course.   There was also a reasonable representation from the alumni - including from the judicial component!
The numbers were, admittedly, bolstered by the presence of some year 12 students from a number of schools that have, over the years, formed something of a "catchment" for Queen's.  Once again, I observed that year 12 students today often have a maturity of outlook that would have left my generation far behind.
Justice Chris Maxwell spoke convincingly on human rights, including the Victorian charter.  I have not had strong views on this charter, but those that I have had would probably place me in the "charter sceptic" category.   However, after hearing the speech, I am prepared to reconsider my position.   Perhaps this is a topic for another day.

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